Yamaha outboard engines

yamaha outboard propsWhen it comes to making sure that your boat has the best outboard engine possible, it is a good idea to choose one made by Yamaha. Whether you use your boat for fishing, pleasure trips, or simply for spending time with friends, Yamaha outboards can do a superb job for you.

-The powerful V8 F350, for example, can really boost your boats performance. This engine provides massive drive while emitting little noise and minimal vibration. Its parts can stand the corrosive effects of sea water very well, while it does not guzzle fuel inefficiently either.

-If you are looking for something futuristic, then try the High Pressure Direct Injection outboard motor Two Stroke Series. This range offers years of high level performance, coupled with impressive acceleration and a really fast top speed.

-For those who prefer something a little more reminiscent of the two stroke engines of yesteryear, then the Four Stroke V MAX SHO might well be the best choice to make. The acceleration of these models has to be experienced to be believed, while they are also lightweight, with a hugely impressive power to weight ratio. Some additional technological, and highly innovative, features make this model a top choice.

-Some sailors are in search of an engine which can power their sail boats when the winds drop. The Midrange Series offers some good solutions to this type of situation. The F25 starts the range, with its Nitro Assist Tilt technology. This engine can be used with inflatable craft as well. The F90 is at the top of the range, with its double overhead camshaft DOHC design.

-The Yamaha F300 has been favorably compared with others in its class when it comes to fuel efficiency. In tests, it managed to exceed its direct competitors’ range by 17 per cent, in this regard.

-If you are into the adrenaline thrills of taking out boat over rapids or rocky stretches, then the Jet Drive Four Stroke Models are a good option. These engines do not have a propeller, but still retain all the unique qualities which make Yamaha engines so good.

-Portable versions of the Four Stroke are also available, increasing the flexibility available to sailors who use them.


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