HyTorq Propellers

HyTorq PropellersThe past two decades have seen some businesses struggle with the economic downturn but the boating industry has seen more production than ever as more and more individuals and businesses purchase leisure craft for themselves or their customers.  One such industry, HyTorq Propellers, was purchased by Michigan Wheel Marine in 1996 and has flourished under the boat supply company ever since.  Originally, a Canadian company, HyTorq has moved their operations to Grand Rapids Michigan and now manufactures their high quality propellers for several different types of craft.  With their products marketed towards the sailors who navigate the harsh Atlantic coasts between Newfoundland and New England, the company prides itself on quality and performance.

MY-T Series

Advertised as designed for both fishermen and yacht captains, the MY-T3 is the basic propeller used for high power craft that offers better power and maneuverability through difficult waters.  The three-bladed propeller has an open wing with better thickness towards the center.  This aluminum cast fits boats between ten and twenty inches.  The MY-T4 is a step up, boasting four separate blades with a better blade area.  Cast of the same aluminum, the T4 has a stronger weight distribution for larger diameter propellers for more efficient water flow.  For the very largest of pleasure craft, the five bladed T5 model is the choice for upgrading your boat.  With greater blade area in the same propeller diameter fit, it is possible to give better thrust and clearance, even in regions where the water flow or hull appendages create unfavorable sailing conditions.

Y Series

HyTorq Propellers recently launched a new design of four and five bladed propellers called the Y series.  With better blade area and more precise pitch controls, these custom designed and custom fit propellers offer superior performance on any craft.  Matching diameters between twenty three and thirty four inches and pitch ranges between twenty four and forty nine inches, the Y series features minimum bore of less than two and a half inches and maximum bore of up to three inches.  With better reviews from users who have navigated harsher waters, the Y series represents the company’s sturdiest propeller model.

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