Luhrs Sportfish

luhrs sportfisherLuhrs Sportfish has history dating back to the early 19th century.  Henry Luhrs, a German immigrant was the founder of Luhrs Corporation.  The company was taken over by Henry who was a grandson of the elderly Henry Luhr.  Later on in 1965, the sons of Henry the second sold off the company to Bangor Punta—a timber conglomerate before they regained the right to use the Luhr family name for their boat building business in 1985. The St. Augustine plant was commissioned in 1987, after it became apparent that the business needed extra space for expansion. This plant has undergone multiple expansions over the years due to an increase in the demand for their products. The most recent expansion was the construction of the Midway, GA facility in 1999.

At present, Luhrs Sportfish is a market leader in the construction of medium sized sport fishing boats.  Its flagship boat models are the Open and the convertible range of boats.  The Open model range is the more extensive of the two and features the 43 open series, 37 IPS and OB Canyon series, 34 open, 31 open IPS, 30 open and 25 open.  The convertible model range, on the other hand, features only two variants; the 43 convertible and the 37 convertible, which are expected to be released on the market in mid 2013 and 2012 respectively.

Some of the most common features of Luhrs Sportfish boats are as follows. The 43 open is designed for the dedicated fisherman and is designated to be the most profound sport fishing boat yet. It is expected to be unveiled in spring 2013 and will feature double staterooms, a full tower, a fully fitted chef’s galley, a complete range of diesel powered engines and a host of other standard features. The 37 IPS Canyon series is the very first in the Luhrs Sportfish canyon series. This beauty has some of the most intense offshore features found in larger sport fish boats that are shaft driven coupled with the performance, ease of manouvering and fuel efficiency of the Volvo IPS. The 37 IPS will take you to the richest fishing grounds and back to your home port with enough fuel to spare. Docking has also been extremely simplified with a state of the art joystick.

The 37 OB boasts of outboard power that comes with less noise inboard drives. It also comes with the standard fish box, tower, bait preparation center and livewell. This is replicated in the 34 open, 31 open and the 25 open. The 43 and 37 convertible are yet to be released with the former being touted as the largest battlewagon in the Luhrs Sportfish stable. Trust Luhrs to build magnificent boats without conceding an inch of cruising comfort.


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