Volvo Penta Duo Props Type E: For DPX Drives

Volvo Duo Prop Type E have been specially designed and engineered to be able to work well with the DPX drive.  This drive produces high speeds and makes substantial demands on any propeller system paired with it, but Volvo Duo Props Type E are up to the challenge.  They can withstand speeds as high as 75 knots – these speeds are almost 50% higher than the speeds that other series’ of Volvo Penta duo props can handle.  This fact alone should be enough to tell novice and advanced boating enthusiasts that the choice of propeller system really does make a difference in how the watercraft will be able to perform.

Duo Props Type E from Volvo Penta are fashioned from stainless steel, a very strong metal that will provide boaters with years of worry-free enjoyment.  Part of the reason why these props are able to tolerate high speeds is because of the care exercised during manufacture.  The blades are precisely balanced to produce ideal propulsion with a minimum of cavitation and other factors that can interfere when blades are even slightly out of balance.

Like all Volvo Penta Duo Props, the Type E series is backed by a solid warranty that demonstrates the faith that Volvo Penta has in its propeller products.  The company has “put its money where its mouth is,” so to speak, by offering a warranty with extensive terms that will allow boaters to have confidence in their propeller purchase.

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Volvo Penta Duo Props Type D: Die Cast Quality

Volvo Penta Duo Props Type D are made of aluminum, a lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal that helps engines achieve high fuel efficiency due to decreased weight for the propellers.  Volvo Duo Props Type D can be used with engines that run on either gasoline or diesel fuel and are specifically intended for use with the DP-S drive.  These duo props offer speeds as high as 35 knots.

Features of Volvo Penta Duo Props Type D

Each of the propellers on these duo props has been expertly die cast.  This is important because when the blades of a propeller have been die cast, they have a more slender profile than blades that were fabricated using a sand casting method.  Slimmer blades lead to reduced levels of cavitation as well as a longer effective life.

In addition, boaters will find that they the aluminum propellers on these duo props are dynamically balanced for high efficiency and excellent performance.

Type D Volvo Penta Duo Props, like all Volvo Penta propeller systems, are backed by the company’s excellent warranty, which guarantees the quality of the materials used as well as the workmanship that went into constructing the propellers.

Cautions for Volvo Penta Duo Props Type D 

Boaters should be aware that Volvo Penta duo props are not always interchangeable.  In the case of Type D duo props used in twin installations, the D series should not be combined.  Only the same propellers should be used in twin installations.


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Boat Props

boat propellersMichigan Wheel is one of those companies that don’t give up on innovation. Even after having been in the market for over 100 years, the company has not ceased manufacturing boat props with the highest quality standards. It has made its mark in the propeller industry and continues to grow. Records show that this company is capable of creating boat propellers that can far exceed even the best propellers in the market in terms of quality. This is one company that is relentless in its pursuit of quality of products. Their goal is to produce the finest boat propellers while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Inboard Propellers

Michigan Wheels manufactures a host of high-quality inboard propellers for commercial and pleasure boats. In fact, these props have been the standard in the industry for over 100 years, with their design evolving with the change in needs. The flexibility in manufacturing procedures of Michigan Wheel enables them to offer variants of these propellers suited to most applications, whether it is for a towboat or a sailboat. The products are manufactured to withstand repeated use and still maintain a high degree of usability. They truly are a highly competitive offering in the market.

Outboard Propellers

Not all waterborne crafts use inboard propellers. There are some that are designed specifically for outboard propellers. Michigan Wheel has a lineup of these as well. As you might expect, these products are manufactured to exact detail and specifications with high-quality materials and precision. They are accurate and consistent in performance and make the perfect replacement for your existing or a backup propeller. Michigan Wheel’s lineup has something for every budget. If you’re looking for a simple or complex, highly durable product, you can find it here.

Michigan Wheel’s experience of over 100 years in the marine propulsion industry has propelled them to great heights. They are the world leaders in custom crafted boat props in all varieties, styles and types. You will find inboard as well as fixed pitch propellers suited for all markets including pleasure and commercial. Whether it is aluminum or a stainless steel propeller, you will find the perfect fit for your needs. Michigan Wheel’s philosophy is the secret ingredient to its flagrant success in the propeller industry. Their standard of applying both hand and machine operations has set them as the industry benchmark for excellence. This excellence can only mean that you can, as always, count on this company for the best boat props in the market. After all, wouldn’t you like to buy your next propeller from the place where breakthrough innovation begins?

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Honda Propellers

honda outboard propellersThe Honda outboard engine is one of the best on the market. Though there are many competitors, these products do stand out. Not only do they provide the speed and power that boaters crave, but they do so in a manner that provides for greater fuel efficiency and higher levels of engine reliability. The engines themselves are also easy to repair, with a great warranty available and plentiful supplies of parts across the country.

Fuel Efficiency

Many consumers fail to remember that boats do require fuel to run. If you spend a lot of time on the water, you know that fuel prices can be prohibitive. Fortunately, Honda takes measures to ensure that the Honda outboard engine can reduce your overall costs. First and foremost is the four-stroke engine, which burns fuel cleanly and offers greater efficiency. In addition to this, Honda is committed to making sure that all aspects of the engine itself help to provide for greater levels of fuel efficiency, so you can spend more time enjoying your boat and less time worrying about the price of fuel.


There may be outboard engines that give you more power, but Honda’s advantage combines both top-tier power and regularity. You never have to worry about whether or not your engine will be up to the task on the water, and you should never worry about whether or not your engine is having a good day. This is a marked difference from some other outboard motor brands, where the power comes at the expense of inconsistent operation. If you want to enjoy your time on the water, Honda is simply the most trustworthy brand.


One of the best reasons to use a Honda outboard engine is its reliability. Not only is the engine itself quite reliable, but finding parts for a Honda engine is easier than finding parts for many competing models. This not only helps you to stay on the water longer, but it can help to reduce the price of repairing your engine. Perhaps best of all, though, is Honda’s warranty. The five-year, transferable warranty works quite well throughout the lifetime of the plan, and service professionals are available nation-wide to help you to make sure that your engine is running in top condition.

If you need an outboard motor, you owe it to yourself to look at the models made by Honda. You can get an engine that is reliable, clean and powerful without having to sacrifice efficiency or ease of repair. At the end of the day, this can allow you to spend more time enjoying your boat and less time worrying about costs. If you value the fun of boating, you should give Honda a chance.

Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the marine industry’s leader when it comes to providing Honda propellers.

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Understanding Pitch and Slip

Pitch is becoming an increasingly familiar term to boating enthusiasts interested in purchasing aftermarket outboard propellers for their watercraft.  Usually defined as the distance a propeller will move through a soft medium such a balsa wood after one full turn of the blades, pitch is an idealized figure that is rarely seen in actual use of outboard boat props.

Boaters, therefore, might question the purpose of a pitch specification for a given propeller.  If the prop is advertised as offering 13 inches of pitch, but this is a theoretical number, what can a boater expect in terms of real world performance?

Fortunately, there is another term that helps to clear up this conundrum: slip.  When it comes to outboard boat propellers, the word “slip” gives the difference between the theoretical and the actual.  That is, slip describes the degree to which a given propeller usually achieves its stated pitch.  A propeller that is properly installed and appropriate for both motor and boat can usually achieve as much as 90 percent of “perfect pitch,” though in some cases a figure closer to 80 percent is more realistic.

Why Not Just Scale Down Pitch Numbers?

The concept of slip usually raises a simple question: why do propeller manufacturers use idealized pitch numbers in the first place? Why not just multiply ideal pitch by 80 or 90% and use that figure as the pitch? The answer to this lies in the complexity of watercraft usage.  Boats will achieve closer to their ideal pitch when conditions are optimal.  Slip, therefore, depends on context whereas pitch values remain constant.

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Ambush Boat Propellers Offer Consistency and Quality

Ambush boat props are specifically machined to produce an ideal propeller for boats that perform towing functions.  To this end, Ambush boat propellers undergo a rigorous CNC machining process that renders them highly accurate to all specifications.  Another effect of this machining process is to make sure that items produced are consistent across each line of Ambush propellers.  This means that boating enthusiasts can have confidence in the Ambush props they purchase, either to replace a similar prop or as an aftermarket solution for towing their boat.

Indeed, the CNC machining process was first developed by Michigan Wheel Marine, which has been working on it since the middle of the 1980s.  A revolutionary leap forward in manufacturing technology in its day, the CNC process changed the way many propellers were fabricated, though at first the use of the process was reserved for enormous yachts whose propellers must meet exacting requirements of blade geometry to function to maximum efficiency.  These days, CNC machining is used to manufacture propellers that are appropriate for many different classes of boat, right down to pleasure craft used primarily to tow water skiers out on the open ocean or a fresh-water lake.

Ambush propellers feature four blades and are available in both left-handed and right-handed configurations.  Pitch measurements vary from 13 inches to 18 inches, while diameters of both 13 and 14 inches are available.  Most Ambush propellers weigh about nine pounds.

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Grady White boats

Grady White propellersGrady White has over two dozen boat models to choose from. These include center console, dual console, express cabin and walkaround cabin boat models. While all of these boats are not only stylish but also well made, the type of model that is best suited for any given person will depend on various factors. As purchasing a top of the line Grady White boat involves a large investment of money, a person should naturally take the time to choose the boat that is the most suitable for him or her personally.

Before investing in a boat, one should consider what type of boating he or she will be doing. Those who only want to boat or fish in the daytime will not need a large boat with a luxurious cabin. In fact, a person who primarily boats on lakes and rivers should invest in a boat that is small and easy to maneuver. On the other hand, those who plan on spending a few days out at sea will want a boat that is not only good for fishing and water sports but that also has a spacious and relaxing cabin area. The Freedom 335 is one of Grady White’s latest models and is both practical and comfortable.

The weather conditions that one expects to boat in will also determine which boat is the most suitable. Those who enjoy boating even when the sea is a bit choppy will find that the Canyon 306 is an ideal option, as it is strong and made to take on anything that nature may throw at it. The Express 360 is also a good option, as the manufacturer has recently added a durable integrated hardtop enclosure that will protect those on the boat from wind and rain.

Determining how large the boat should be and which features and amenities it should have, one will also want to find out about the type of motor each boat has, what its safety record is and other important details. Grady White has posted a large amount of information on its site that will help a person choose a boat that is not only good looking but also well made. The fact that Grady White has won a record ten consecutive customers satisfaction awards from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association shows that the company is an established boat maker with a high commitment to excellence and that these boats are certain to be good value for the money.

Deep Blue Yacht Supply is able to provide all Grady White propellers, zincs, marine hardware, etc. at the best prices in the Marine Industry.

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Viking Yachts

Viking YachtsViking Yachts has been building luxury cruising and sport fishing yachts for more than forty years and have become known around the world as a leader in the industry. They are known for the exceptional ability to supply some of the world’s most spectacular semi-custom fiberglass yachts. Every aspect of a Viking yacht meets thorough quality standards for excellence and their solid reputation among yacht owners makes them one of the most sought after yachts in production today. With a commitment of producing at least 90% of each yacht in-house, their high quality standards are maintained from all aspects of the boats design and production. In fact, their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures that cutting edge technology combines with skilled craftsmanship to create a luxury yacht that is unsurpassed in beauty, design and performance.

Whether it is the initial design of the boat or the actual finishing process, Viking Yachts ensures that every step of the way, superior attention to detail and craftsmanship is maintained on each boat it manufactures. The only components that are not produced in house are items such as the engines, air conditioning units, pumps, transmissions, entertainment systems, appliances and electronics. Virtually all other aspects of each quality boat is designed and created by the experienced staff and work force at Viking Yachts. There is a reason why these yachts have become a mark of quality and excellence in the boating world and this attention to every detail certainly leads the list.

Viking Yachts is a family owned business located in New Gretna, New Jersey. This well-respected company has maintained their focus on building the best boat money can buy while maintaining their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Viking boats are a leader in the industry and their reputation for high quality, superior performance and innovation has certainly catapulted them into the realm of one of the best luxury yachts currently available anywhere in the world.

In addition to their amazing quality standards, Viking Yachts also offers a wide selection of models to choose from. There are convertibles, enclosed bridge designs, open yachts and sport yachts to meet all types of boating needs. Within these classifications, there are numerous sizes and styles to choose from. In fact, customizing your boat will be part of the experience of owning one of the best quality yachts on the water. Packed with leading edge technology and a commitment to excellence these boats are coveted worldwide.  Deep Blue is the leading authority when it comes to providing marine hardware, zinc anodes, boat propellers, stainless shafts, and dripless seals for Viking Yachts.

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Honda outboard engines and boat props

honda outboard propOf all the outboard engines on the market, the Honda outboard engine usually rates as one of the better ones. It provides a boater with a source of speed and power, while ensuring maintenance of efficiency and reliability. Moreover, such engines are easy to repair, and come with a great warranty, along with a link to dependable suppliers.

Focusing on the Engine’s Efficiency

Unlike a sailboat, the vessel used by an outboarding enthusiast must have fuel in order to operate on the water. Yet the price of a boat’s fuel, like that of a car’s is quite high. A user of Honda’s engine does not get hit with such high operating costs, because his/her vessel relies on the power from a four-stroke engine, one which burns any fuel in a clean and efficient fashion. Moreover, the engine’s other aspects manage to enhance that efficiency, allowing the boater to relax and enjoy any time on the water.

Focusing on the Engine’s Power

Makers of the Honda outboard engine have paired a top-rated power with top notch performance, in order to create a truly great product. A boater must never worry about whether or not his/her vessel will be able to handle the water’s challenges. That is what makes this one engine stand out from other brands, which fail to operate with the desired level of consistency. Those craft that have been fitted with any of Honda’s engines can be viewed as trustworthy.

Highlighting the Reliability of Those Engines

As a power source, each of those fuel-requiring products is reliable. Moreover, it is not difficult to find an engine part, should that become necessary. Thus a boater can expect to spend more time on the water and less time struggling to go after a needed part. Those who buy this power-source for outboards get a warranty with a lifetime plan, along with access to a nation-wide group of professionals, ready to work on any malfunctioning equipment.

Anyone who owns an outboard ought to set aside time for examining the various models made and sold by Honda. Each of those is clean, reliable and powerful.

None of them obtains those features by sacrificing either efficiency or the ease of its repair. After all those concerns do not appear on the list of reasons why boaters love their chosen pasttime. No such concern should diminish the level of enjoyement that a man or woman experiences, while speeding over a stretch of ocean, lake or river.

Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the industry leader when it comes to providing Honda Propellers.

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SOLAS boat propellers

solas boat propellersSolas is one of the best known boat propeller manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in 1985 by Dr. Solas Lin and specializes in making both outboard and stern drive propellers and impellers. While the company has many different props to choose from, each product line is made after specialized research and only high quality materials are used. The company is based out of Taiwan but sells boat props all over the world.

Solas Props – What are the Options?

Solas Props are made from either stainless steel or aluminum. Both materials are high quality, although each type of metal has its own advantages and disadvantages. Being aware of the pros and cons of each material type will help a boat owner choose the most suitable prop type.

Aluminum propellers are the most common, as they are affordable, suitable for most boat types and easy to repair. They are also nearly non-porous and lightweight. However, aluminum props are not suitable for boats that are used in sandy situations and they tend to flex under high RPMs.

Stainless steel propellers are quite expensive, but are well worth the cost. Solas has recently made a new line of stainless steel propellers that are guaranteed to never rust under any circumstances. These propellers can hold up to a lot of wear and tear, as the blades do not flex under pressure. The only downside to purchasing a stainless steel boat propeller is that it will be costly to repair.

Aluminum and stainless steel propellers can have either three or four blades. Three blade propellers are ideal for most recreational boats, as they offer a high top end speed and there are many pitch and style options to choose from. On the other hand, four blade props are most suitable for high performance boats, as they have good holding power for ocean sailing as well as better low speed handling than three blade propellers.

Buying a good vessel is not enough. It is imperative to take the time to choose the right propeller for the boat. Solas props are an excellent choice, as they are well made and guaranteed to be high quality. Even so, one should take the time to consider the options and make sure the material and blade type are suitable for the type of sailing that is to be done.

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