Michigan Wheel Boat Props

michigan-wheel-marine-boat-prop-logoBoaters know the importance of boat propellers. No one wants a sub-par product, and no one wants to be stranded without the necessary gear when something inevitably goes wrong. If you are looking for a new propeller or you simply want to find a product to keep as a spare, it is important to find a product made by the right company. As such, it is always wise to go with a well-known name like Michigan Wheel for your boat propeller needs.

It is always important to look for boating products from a company that you can trust. Michigan Wheel is not new to the game of manufacturing top of the line boating goods, and it continues to innovate in the market. Unlike some companies, Michigan Wheel is not content to merely manufacture one great set of boat propellers and call it a day – instead, the company continues to find ways to stay relevant in an always changing market. Today’s boat propellers are far superior to those available in years past, and one can always count on the company to find ways to surpass even the best boat propellers on today’s market.

Michigan Wheel has long been one of the standard names in inboard boat propellers, creating several models of propellers for both commercial and consumer boats for over one hundred years. The boat propellers themselves are divided into several different classes, each perfect for use in different waterborne craft. Whether you need an inboard propeller for your sailboat or for a towboat, Michigan Wheel has the model to suit your needs. Each of these devices are made to the company’s exacting standards, made of quality materials and with the ability to withstand the rigors of repeated use. Michigan Wheel stands by each of these products, and the company’s global recognition speaks for their quality.

In addition to the inboard models, Michigan Wheel also has a number of outboard boat propellers. Like their inboard cousins, these models are made to the company’s exacting standards. These products are accurate and consistent, perfect for use as both spare boat propellers and as replacements for existing models. Michigan Wheel’s products can be used in many different circumstances, and there are boat propellers available for the budget of almost any boater. Whether you need a simple back-up or your are looking for something at the top of the line, there is a product available to suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for an inboard or outboard model, Michigan Wheel has the boat propellers that you need. They are constantly innovating in the market, and their long-time work in the industry can assure you that any product that you choose to purchase will be of high quality. If you need a replacement or merely wish to upgrade to something that is a bit better than what you have had in the past, you may want to take a look at one of the company’s many products. At the end of the day, choosing one of Michigan Wheels fine propellers is a great way to know that you will get to where you are going.

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Top quality props from Solas

solas propellersManufacturing and selling propellers is a niche market, but that does not mean that there is no huge demand for quality, well-made products among companies in the maritime industry. Solas Propellers is one of the most respected names when it comes to making and selling equipment, while the company’s headquarters is also home to an extensive research and development unit which aim to constantly improve the products they sell; making them stronger, lighter, more versatile and, of course, better value for the customer.

Based in Taiwan, the firm was established in the mid 1980s by Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin and now manufactures and sells an extensive range of propellers and impellers, as well as outboard motors, for small, pleasure craft. The company’s philosophy has always been to use their technical know-how and commitment to customer service to improve their clients’ experiences – not just when it comes to buying maritime equipment, but when they are out on their Solas Propellers-powered boats.

The staff at Solas Propellers is also committed to improving their products wherever possible, working with industry specialists and even academic researchers to find ways to improve the performance of their propellers and motors. The company’s recently established research and development unit has been set up in its own wing of Solas’ headquarters, an area fitted with all the advanced technology gadgets needed for manufacturing and testing new products thoroughly, before they go on sale to the public. This determination to always produce the best available propellers on the market means that Solas Propellers is one of the best known names in the world for maritime propulsion systems.

Selling both aluminum and stainless steel boat propellers, as well as Ski props and a range of plastic propellers, the expert staff at Solas Propellers are trained to be able to offer the best advice to potential customers, whether they are the owners of a particular boat or a manufacturing company looking to buy in bulk for the vessels they are building. Whatever your maritime propulsion needs, Solas will have the product and the knowledge to help you with your query.

Solas Propellers has suppliers all over the world, from Asia to America and across the whole of Europe. Even those clients who happen to live far from a Solas supplier can always order their product online. And when you buy a Solas propeller, the company continues to offer each and every customer excellent technical support for any problems or faults which may develop.

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About Zinc Anodes

Without a doubt, some parts of a watercraft are much better known than others are.  While even non-boaters have probably heard of propellers, outboard motors, and rudders, some boating enthusiasts may not have heard of zinc anodes, also known as boat zincs.

What are Boat Zincs?

Boat zincs come in a variety of shapes such as plates, disks, and cylinders, but what they all have in common is a surface area that allows the metal of zinc to help prevent galvanic corrosion on other parts of your boat. Zinc anodes work by giving up their own electrons so that other metals located nearby will not give up theirs.  Boat zincs in this way can help to prevent corrosion of boat parts such as stern drives, steel shafts, rudders, fittings, and above all, propellers themselves.

Boat zincs such as plate zincs, nut zincs, and shaft zincs are also called “sacrificial anodes” or “sacrificial zincs” because they will corrode as they keep other metals from doing the same.  Boating enthusiasts need to keep careful track of their zincs because once they have decayed a great deal, they will no longer be able to prevent corrosion effectively.  At this point, boat zincs need to be replaced so that propellers and other metal pieces have continued protection.

Boaters should also be diligent to check for corrosion on their propellers because such corrosion can mean that more zinc surface area is needed to protect it fully.  As a general rule of thumb, boaters need to have 1/100th as much zinc surface area as the area being protected, but some situations will require additional zinc anodes.

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Advantages of Volvo Penta Duo Props Type B

Volvo Penta Duo Props Type B are made of aluminum.  Like all duo props, they feature two sets of rotating propeller blades rather than one set.  Each set of propellers rotates in a different direction from the other: if one is rotating clockwise, for example, the other will rotate in a counter-clockwise direction.  This design feature does not eliminate 100% of all cavitation, but it comes remarkably close so that in practical terms, concerns about cavitation can become a thing of the past.

Volvo Duo Props Type B work with DP280 and DP290 drives and were specifically designed so that the comfort of boat passengers could be increased even as very high revolutions of the propellers delivered the surges of raw power that are needed for top speeds and fast acceleration.

Each propeller on a Volvo Duo Props Type B has three blades, and each blade features an ultra-thin profile.  Constructing these blades requires high-precision manufacturing, and Volvo stands behinds their products, backing them with a warranty so that customers can feel confident that if problems do occur, Volvo will be there to help.  The warranty is also proof, however, of how unlikely it is for problems to arise.  Volvo produces quality duo props and has no hesitation in offering warranties with generous and extensive terms.

Since many Type B duo props are produced by Volvo, be sure to consult a propeller guide that will help you choose the individual unit that is right for your watercraft and engine.

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Understanding Cavitation

Cavitation is an issue that many users of outboard propellers do not fully understand.  They may be familiar with the effects of cavitation, of course, without being cognizant of the nature of this phenomenon or the variety of factors that can contribute to it.

What is Cavitation?

Cavitation happens when water vaporizes due to an area of reduced pressure along the back side of the blade of a propeller.  All outboard boat props are subject to cavitation to one degree or another.  Small amounts of cavitation, in fact, are perfectly normal during the operation of outboard boat props.

A large amount of cavitation, however, is not normal.  When a propeller cavitates too much, it can cause actual damage to the surface of the propeller blades.  This damage happens because microscopic air bubbles are collapsing against the surface of the blade.  Too much activity of this sort is not good for the physical condition of a propeller blade.

Causes of Excessive Cavitation

There are several reasons why excessive cavitation may occur.  One common cause of the problem is a mismatch between the style of propeller installed and the intended use of the watercraft.  If the blade edges of a propeller are already damaged, this can lead to the cavitation levels that are much higher than normal.  A third common cause is a propeller with the wrong pitch installed on a motor boat.

To avoid cavitation, be sure to install an outboard boat propeller that is appropriate for the boat and that matches all relevant specifications for the motor.

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2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show #FLIBS

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show #FLIBS. Be sure to stop by Booth 1227 at the Bahia Mar Engine Tent. We are here Thursday – Monday. Come on by for a limited edition boat show koozie!

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

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All About Acme Propellers

Boaters interested in Acme boat props have several different varieties from which to choose.  The Acme 1218, for example, measures 12.5 x 10.5, with the first number representing diameter and the second number indicating pitch – the standard way to render propeller measurements.  The Acme 1604, in contrast, has the same diameter but one more inch of pitch and features a .060 cupping measurement as opposed to the .080 measurement for the 1218 unit.

Also featuring .060 cupping is the Acme 1209, which has the same diameter as both of the other Acme boat propellers but features 12 full inches of pitch.  It should also be noted that the 1218 and 1604 have right-handed rotation while the 1209 has left-handed rotation, a distinction that can be important, particularly when watercraft feature two propellers.

Acme propellers are manufactured by the Acme Marine Company, which uses a CNC process to reproduce accurately the exact diameter, cup, and pitch desired for each unit.  With a CNC system, incremental changes are made possible, which explains the small gradations seen from one propeller to the next.  This type of system is essential if boating enthusiasts are going to have a propeller that truly fits all the design specifications that will allow them to make the most out of the boating experience.

Acme propellers enjoy a very low return rate, which indicates high customer satisfaction with the finished product.  Their operation is considered smooth, and perhaps best of all for many American consumers, the propellers are wholly made and manufactured inside the United States.


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All about Solas Propellers

solas propellersLocated in Taiwan, Solas Propellers was established by Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin in 1985. As a boy in Chaung Hua, Lin became fascinated by the ships passing by in the nearby shipping lanes, and how different designs affected their performance. A growing interest soon turned into a vocation, and he went on to study Naval Architecture at Taiwan University.

Solas Propellers is now one of the most highly acclaimed names in the watercraft propulsion industry, making its reputation on the craftwork and superior design ability of its technical team, plus a sound understanding of its customer base and their needs. The company places a huge emphasis on design, realizing that small gains in performance are rewarded many times over in cost savings, increased sales, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

The management philosophy of the company is a holistic one, based on a positive approach to life and transforming that attitude into the goal of producing superior products and customer service. Solas Propellers maintain a Total Quality Control process, enabling strong quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process, while remaining close to their customers. This process ensures a positive result for all involved in product development, from design and manufacture, through to customers and other industry stakeholders.

It is not surprising that the company name involves a variation of the Latin word for the sun, the source of all energy. The company’s full name is actually Solas Science & Engineering Ltd, so it is to be expected they are at the forefront of design and performance in the propulsion industry. It is not enough for a business to operate with glossy brochures and a state of the art website. The products have to back up the hype with performance and customer satisfaction.

The company has agencies and dealers throughout Asia, Europe and America. Their website enables online purchase and delivery options, and a map facility helps customers find a dealership handy to their location so purchasers can deal with someone local, if they prefer this. There is a strong emphasis on customer service, so that purchasers are happy with their purchase, and will likely become repeat buyers and recommend the company to others. Solas Propellers also look at their dealers as customers, knowing that resellers need to believe in the company’s goals to actively promote and sell Solas products.

For all who experience and enjoy life at sea, whether for a living or the weekend hobbyist, propulsion is all important. Knowledge of fluid dynamics and propulsion design is vital, and Solas Propellers expertise in these areas remains unchallenged.

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Volvo Penta Duo Props Type E: For DPX Drives

Volvo Duo Prop Type E have been specially designed and engineered to be able to work well with the DPX drive.  This drive produces high speeds and makes substantial demands on any propeller system paired with it, but Volvo Duo Props Type E are up to the challenge.  They can withstand speeds as high as 75 knots – these speeds are almost 50% higher than the speeds that other series’ of Volvo Penta duo props can handle.  This fact alone should be enough to tell novice and advanced boating enthusiasts that the choice of propeller system really does make a difference in how the watercraft will be able to perform.

Duo Props Type E from Volvo Penta are fashioned from stainless steel, a very strong metal that will provide boaters with years of worry-free enjoyment.  Part of the reason why these props are able to tolerate high speeds is because of the care exercised during manufacture.  The blades are precisely balanced to produce ideal propulsion with a minimum of cavitation and other factors that can interfere when blades are even slightly out of balance.

Like all Volvo Penta Duo Props, the Type E series is backed by a solid warranty that demonstrates the faith that Volvo Penta has in its propeller products.  The company has “put its money where its mouth is,” so to speak, by offering a warranty with extensive terms that will allow boaters to have confidence in their propeller purchase.

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Volvo Penta Duo Props Type D: Die Cast Quality

Volvo Penta Duo Props Type D are made of aluminum, a lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal that helps engines achieve high fuel efficiency due to decreased weight for the propellers.  Volvo Duo Props Type D can be used with engines that run on either gasoline or diesel fuel and are specifically intended for use with the DP-S drive.  These duo props offer speeds as high as 35 knots.

Features of Volvo Penta Duo Props Type D

Each of the propellers on these duo props has been expertly die cast.  This is important because when the blades of a propeller have been die cast, they have a more slender profile than blades that were fabricated using a sand casting method.  Slimmer blades lead to reduced levels of cavitation as well as a longer effective life.

In addition, boaters will find that they the aluminum propellers on these duo props are dynamically balanced for high efficiency and excellent performance.

Type D Volvo Penta Duo Props, like all Volvo Penta propeller systems, are backed by the company’s excellent warranty, which guarantees the quality of the materials used as well as the workmanship that went into constructing the propellers.

Cautions for Volvo Penta Duo Props Type D 

Boaters should be aware that Volvo Penta duo props are not always interchangeable.  In the case of Type D duo props used in twin installations, the D series should not be combined.  Only the same propellers should be used in twin installations.


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