Bertram Yachts

bertram propellersThe incredible elegance and decadence that comes with owning a yacht is not lost on Bertram yachts and their design team. With their rich history in the boating industry, beginning with their production in the boat racing niche, their designs have allowed their owners to win some of the most grueling races as early as 1960, in the worst conditions. Through a key acquisition less than a decade later, Bertram became a leader in the pleasure boating industry practically overnight.

In 1970 Bertram introduced their next step in the boating revolution: The sport fishing boat. Later the company evolved to introduce sailing vessels that also employed engines, allowing their owners to use the power of the wind when it was available, but to also get to shore when it died down, without having to remain at sea overnight – or worse, until conditions provided.

In the 1980s Bertram expands their manufacturing and production facilities to include the addition of motor yachts that were designed with sport fishing hulls, to maximize their maneuverability in the water. Living up to its exceptional name, quality and style, Bertram boats receive the highest honors in both boating and sporting magazines around the same time, allowing their stock in the industry to surge, making way for yet another key acquisition.

In the 1990s, Bertram was acquired by a world renowned motor yacht manufacturer, launching its historic presence into the upcoming turn of the century, as truly one of the greatest partnerships in the yachting industry.

After receiving the Manufacturer of the Year title by the South Florida Manufacturer’s Association in 2006, they wasted little time introducing the Bertram 800, the largest yacht produced to date by the company.

Twenty years later, individuals are enjoying the class, style and amenities provided by Bertram yachts, realizing each boat is built with incredible skill, craftsmanship and care from beginning to end. Bertram yachts provide its clients with the breathtaking, seamless construction that allows their boats to operate flawlessly while spending a significant amount of time on the water. With six available models, ranging from just over fifty four feet to just below eighty three feet, each yacht will hold fuel, water, twelve hundred pounds of gear, and eight individuals comfortably. The style of the yachts is unparalleled and the quality is top notch, allowing providing their owners with proof that they have purchased a yacht with not only historical significance, but with an unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

In 2011, Bertram yachts celebrated their 50th anniversary, while showing no signs of slowing down their tremendous pursuit of customer satisfaction or forward thinking design and manufacturing initiatives. Their commitment to the sport fishing and yachting industries is unsurpassed, as their consistent and historical success continues to be passed on to their newest generation. The partnership between the owners of Bertram yachts and each of their employees – from engineers to office assistants – is a significant and equaled one that has allowed their expertise and charisma to remain an industry leader for more than fifty years, with nary a glitch in sight.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the industry leader when it comes to providing propellers for Bertrams.

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Stave Bearings 101

There are several possible arrangements for shafts and bearings.  The most common arrangement involves having a bearing with a fixed portion surrounding the majority of the shaft; the fixed portion may consist of either one or two pieces.  A stave bearing is different because instead of just one or two parts that surround the shaft, it features a system of axial staves to provide support.  A stave bearing typically has many such axial pieces.

Applications for Stave Bearings

Stave bearings are generally used in nautical applications and are most commonly associated with propeller shafts.  This is because this type of bearing holds up well under the conditions that go along with boat propulsion: high loads and relatively low speeds.  In addition, a stave bearing can easily be adapted to be used in water, which makes it a perfect match for outboard motors.

Stave bearings are also commonly used on rudder shafts.  This is because motion for this component of a watercraft consists of rotation that is both reciprocating and intermittent, instead of continuous rotation in only one direction.  Ball bearings tend to fail more often when used with rudders.

Materials Used in Stave Bearings

Because stave bearings historically contained some wooden components, the choice of wood used had to be one that could resist softening and swelling as well as actual rotting.  In practice, tropical hardwoods were well suited for this application, but modern stave bearings frequently feature composite materials such as polyester resin in place of wood.  Nitrile rubber is another popular material used in stave bearings.

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What are zinc anodes?

zinc anodesZinc anodes are, at their core, a protective device for most boaters. When two metals meet, there is always a possibility of galvanic corrosion. This can be incredibly damaging for those that own boats, especially when they have any sort of metal that is actually submerged underwater. Fortunately, the addition of zinc anodes can actually help to prevent the process, which can save most boaters quite a bit of time and money. However, the use of such anodes does not merely have to be limited to boats; they can be used in any situation where metal meets sea water. It is first important, though, to understand the damaging occurrence of corrosion.

When two metals touch or are connected by electricity in sea water, a sort of rudimentary battery is formed. A current will form between the two metals, with a stream of ions going from one to another. During this process, some of the ions will be lost to the seawater. This means that bit by bit, the metal materials will actually be lost to the sea. This process is known as galvanic corrosion, and it can eventually lead to major damage to any part of the boat that is made of metal.

This process can be stopped, though, by the introduction of a third metal – in this case, the zinc anode. These anodes are used in a sacrificial manner – the zinc is given up to the sea, thus protecting the more important metal that is used for the operation of the boat. These anodes do not last forever, of course, but they do last for quite some time. As such, most boaters will take care to make sure that they make adequate use of their “zincs”, and thus can worry less about the basic hardware of their boats.

If you plan on taking your boat into the sea, you should consider making sure that you have zinc anodes to save your more important hardware. Always make sure that your zinc anodes are properly mounted, and make sure that they are used in such a way that they actually fulfill their purpose. This can usually be done by following simply instructions, but it is vitally important that these instructions are followed to the letter. Improperly mounted zinc anodes are rather useless, and constitute both a waste of material as well as a waste of money. Using the product correctly, though, can extend the life of your boat.

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Duramax Marine

duramax marineIf you are doing some sort of boat building or boat repair, you know it is important to go with quality parts. There is no difference when you are dealing with bearings for the boat. You want to ensure you go with ones that will give you the quality you are looking for and will not just break after a couple months of use. One of the top names in bearings is Johnson Duramax.  By understanding why they are one of the top brands you will know whether or not they are the brand to choose.

One of the reasons so many people turn to Duramax Marine every year is due to the high standards they hold their products to.  All of their bearings meet US Navy Buships clearances. For this reason, the company is a supplier to the Navy as well as the Coast Guard.

It is also important to realize they are the only company in the world to use Johnson Cutless water resistant rubber for the bearings. This is the highest quality rubber when it comes to rubber bearings, which is why this is vital. It is another reason they are a trusted supplier to the US military.

Another reason many people like shopping with this company is because they have a wide range of products to offer their consumers. Whether you are looking for flanged bearings or even brass shelled sleeved bearings, you can find just what you are looking for with this company. Even if you are looking for housings or rubber bushings, you can also get this with Johnson Duramax. On top of this, the company also sells cooling systems, sealing systems and even fendering systems for boats.

There are many reasons to choose the best product on the market when you are building or repairing a boat. The parts are much more susceptible to corrosion due to the water and other natural forces that the boat is constantly in contact with. Whether you are just looking to replace one  part or build a boat from the ground up, you owe it to your safety to go with the one that will give you the quality and reliability you deserve. Not only will you get the highest quality with Johnson Duramax, you will also be able to get a name that is trusted even by the government. If the government trusts the company to supply parts for them, then you can too.

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Outboard Prop Considerations: The Role of Counter-Rotation

Counter-rotation is only a consideration for those boating enthusiasts who have more than a single motor powering their water craft. With two Force outboard propellers, however, boaters may find that steering becomes an issue. When this happens it is usually an indication that both Force outboard props are rotating in the same direction. This causes the boat to veer off course and requires the operator to constantly pay close attention to navigation, making small course corrections as needed. When weather conditions produce high winds or a lot of wave action, the problem can be magnified.

Using Force boat propellers with counter-rotation can solve most of the issue. Counter-rotation simply means that if one propeller turns in a right-handed direction, the other one will turn in a left-handed direction. Across all ranges of RPM, counter-rotation is effective at improving the navigational performance of the water craft. This is due to the fact that as the clockwise rotation of one propeller causes the boat to list slightly to the right, the counter-clockwise rotation of the other propeller will produce a listing force toward the right. In the aggregate, the two forces largely cancel each other out, allowing the boat operator to enjoy steering that is much more true.

Counter-rotation has really come into its own during the last decade or so. This is because during that time, it became more common for manufacturers to produce recreational water craft that were large enough to truly need a twin engine set up.

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The Volvo Duo Prop in Action

Some marine propulsion systems use two propellers mounted at some distance from one another along the stern edge of a watercraft.  Other dual prop systems take a different approach entirely, placing two propellers onto a single engine.  This is the case with Volvo duo props.

First introduced in the early 1980s, Volvo duo propellers were a true leap ahead in marine propeller technology.  Volvo propellers using duo prop technology feature twinned propellers that rotate in opposition to one another in order to cancel out any lateral forces that may be acting on the watercraft.  This essentially means that all the forces left tend to drive the boat forward instead of allowing it to veer to one side or the other.

Advantages of Volvo Duo Propellers

Because lateral forces are no longer an issue, these duo props provide boating enthusiasts with a faster rate of acceleration even as they optimize fuel use for better efficiencies.  In addition to acceleration that may be more rapid by as much as a full third of the previous rate, Volvo duo props also increase the top speed that is possible for a watercraft.  In some cases, this improvement has measured as much as 5%.

Improvements in fuel consumption are equally impressive.  When only a partial load is in play, fuel efficiency may be reduced by as much as 10%.  At the same time, boaters will experience lowered levels of both noise and vibration, which helps to create a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone aboard.

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Warning Signs: When You Need a New Prop

Experienced boating enthusiasts know to check the physical condition of their boat, motor, and propeller on a regular basis – and they know how to recognize the warning signs that indicate it is time to look for a new propeller.  Boaters may need to buy new Yamaha outboard propellers to replace their existing ones when they see, for example, evidence of cracking across any of the blades in their current propeller solution.  Other warning signs include bent blades or blades whose surface edges show signs of wear.  These usually show up as tiny missing pieces along the edge.

It may also be time to look into Yamaha outboard propellers of you notice a new source of vibration in your boat.  Propellers that are damaged can cause such vibrations, as can propellers that have been improperly repaired.  Another warning sign is that the propeller cavitates a great deal while under a load, or if you notice it slipping excessively.  While some cavitation and / or slip is to be expected due to factors such as driver error or the motor design, a great deal of either should not be tolerated.  Quite often, a better aftermarket propeller match can solve the problem.

A poor match of propeller can cause other kinds of performance issues.  For example, if the motor on your boat runs without issues, yet you cannot get it to achieve the RPM claimed by the manufacturer, the propeller may be the issue.  In this case, running the wrong propeller will mean wasting precious fuel.

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Prop Guide

A propeller for your boat’s motor is one of the most important items you will purchase when refurbishing or upgrading your watercraft.  To the consternation of many novice boating enthusiasts, however, there is an incredible multiplicity of propellers on the market today.  How can you be sure that you are not only purchasing a propeller that will fit your motor, but also one that will help the motor perform to its optimum ability? Simple – use a prop guide, also known as a propeller selection tool.

A propeller guide will answer the basic question regarding what size prop you need to purchase, but will also guide you to choose the propeller that best suits the needs you are trying to address, whether those needs include an increased top speed or less cavitation and vibration during your motor’s operation.

Some boaters are reluctant to use a helpful online propeller selection guide because the web forms involved generally ask them for a great deal of information – everything from the size and loading capacity of the boat to the type of material the hull is made of and the kind of fuel the motor consumes.  Only by requesting information on this level of detail, however, can the tool function as desired, narrowing down the nearly limitless range of choices to just those few propellers that are really right for you.

A propeller represents a considerable investment of funds, so be sure to shop for your next one by using a prop guide that will get you the results you need and deserve.



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Stainless or Aluminum outboard propellers?

stainless or aluminum propellersWhen you are shopping for a replacement prop for your boat you need to do your homework.  With so many different styles and sizes, choosing the right propeller can be a daunting task.  If you know you want a boat propeller with the same diameter and the same style of blades you need to move on to choosing a material.  There has been a lot of debate on whether stainless steel or aluminum boat propellers are better.  To make the best investment, you should understand the pros and cons of each.  Review the benefits and challenges of each and then make your decision.

Benefits of Aluminum Boat Propellers

Aluminum propellers are the most common because they are very affordable and offer good performance under most circumstances.  One reason why many boaters choose aluminum propellers over stainless steel applications is because aluminum weighs about half as much.  These propellers are also very easy to repair when damaged.

The Disadvantages

While aluminum is a great choice it can flex under extremely high rpms and this will cause a drop in pitch.  The blades often tend to be thicker than stainless steel blades so they will cause more drag.  They are not ideal for sandy conditions so you must consider use.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Propellers

Stainless steel propellers are designed for high performance and they are the most durable choice on the market today.  They have thinner blades which will reduce dragging and will not flex when you are traveling at high speeds.  They are also designed for abrasive environments and can handle adventures in sandy and shallow waters.

The Disadvantages

One of the biggest setbacks has to do with price.  Stainless steel is simply a more expensive material and it is more difficult to repair when damaged.  These propellers weight twice as much as aluminum which means you need a more powerful engine.

Ultimately, the decision depends on use.  If you are not looking for power, the aluminum prop may be the right choice.  If performance is your primary concern, stainless steel props will better meet your needs.  Consider durability, pricing, and overall use when buying your boat propellers.

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The Need for Zinc Anodes

Boat zincs are an important part of a marine craft propulsion system because they keep other metals from corroding and deteriorating in the water.  What is not thoroughly understood by some boaters, however, is the fact that zinc anodes cannot do this vital function unless they are left in their original state.

This means that boating enthusiasts need to keep the boat zinc free of paint.  A surface layer of paint will smother the zinc’s ability to sacrifice electrons so that the other metals nearby need not do so.  This sacrifice of electrons leads to eventual corrosion.  Therefore, boaters should keep their boat zincs in original condition, watching them closely so that they can be replaced when they have worn away and a new zinc anode becomes necessary.

Not just for propulsion

Boat zincs are useful for protecting other metals.  When it comes to boats, this means that their usefulness extends far beyond the propeller area.  To be sure, propellers are typically guarded against corrosion by the presence of a zinc collar around the shaft, but metal rudders are also at risk of corrosion.  The typical boat zinc in this situation is a disk that is bolted onto a metal portion of the propeller.  Lest the addition of boat zinc create turbulence or drag, zinc anodes for use on rudders usually have a shallow shape that is slightly domed.  This helps them to present a streamlined profile when attached to a rudder so that boat performance can remain high.

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